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We have a 10+ year relationship with Dabney as our "go to designer" for fresh ideas that are quickly and accurately implemented. She has extensive knowledge of design and online programs with a great track record. We highly recommend her for corporate logo/brand identity packages, ads, website design and overall branding.

Toni Steedman,
CEO, Raggs Kids Club

Our company has heavy design requirements in many areas including print, products and online. Dabney has worked with us for years to implement award-winning designs and manage our enormous graphics library. She has an exceptional grasp of any project and implements beautiful designs with accurate mechanicals and efficiency.

Kelly Peters
Program Director
Blue Socks Media, LLC


Dabney Designs was launched by Dabney Estile in 2001 offering multi-faceted design services including corporate identity packages, branding, web design, visual interface, user interface, package design, copywriting and marketing materials such as poster, flyers, folders, brochures and trade show materials.

A potential client recently asked during the interview, "So what do you really like about this design, marketing, stuff?" I laughed. Where do I begin? 

Since I was a child, I have loved the psychology and execution behind great advertising, branding and design. While other girls were drawing rainbows and unicorns I was drawing Levi's and Cheerio's ads. While other girls were playing with dolls, I was rearranging the dollhouse for maximum layout and efficiency. For my 7th grade science project I researched the impact of gender differences in magazine ads. In high school I took an acclaimed photography course which also introduced computer graphic design (a new field). I was enamored with the computer program Adobe Photoshop 1.0. 

I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications with a specialty in copywriting and product branding. After college I followed my dream of being in advertsing and held several graphic design postions in Charlotte ad agencies.

So what do I like about "this design stuff?" Everything. 

- I love creating a thought-provoking marketing piece. Marketing is about the user finding the important elements first, not being overwhelmed, having the ad or logo make graphic sense and evoke feeling and action. Layout is essential to creating an effective piece. I scored 99% in spatial relations which means I'm extremely visual. I think in pictures. I can "see" good layouts in my head.

- I am trained in copywriting by an award-winning professor at a top university. Unlike design institute graduates and artists, I know headlines. I know copy. I know what is too long, too confusing, too wordy. I know how to evoke action. I can "see" how the copy should mold with the layout - or how the layout should mold with the copy. Ad agencies have teams of writers and designers; rarely is one trained and capable in both as I am.

- It's my childhood passion. I didn't become a graphic designer because I'm a starving artist, or a blog named it a top-10 career. I became a designer because it's all I've ever wanted to do. 

The Bottom Line

I have two decades of graphic and web design experience with clients in a variety of industries, both local and national. I can help your company "see" what it is missing. I will work with your ideas to custom-generate solutions that are innovative, unique to your products and services, and synergistic to your company’s goals and strategies. My comprehensive branding methodology is fast, efficient and cost-effective.

If you need it, I can design it. And I’ll love doing it.

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